Don’t hate yourself

          Recently, I saw quite a few body shaming related videos on YouTube, and the two videos that really got to me was rclbeauty101 and MyPaleSkin’s video. It was really heartbreaking to know that there’s actually people in this society who comments negatively on other’s posts intentionally just to make that person feel bad. No one should be judging anyone, no one has the rights to tell others ‘they look ugly’ or ‘they are not beautiful enough’ and everyone has the right to feel beautiful. The world is filled with different people with different opinions and comments, but is it necessary to tell someone that they ‘don’t look beautiful’ just to make them feel bad?

          In Rachel’s video, she kept calling herself ‘ugly’. Ifelt sympathy while watching her video, I would always tell myself I look ugly, I am fat, I will never be skinny, I need to stop Screen Shot 2016-11-12 at 9.04.54 am.pngeating… and these are always influenced by our surroundings, but what exactly is a beauty standard? Who gets to decide what beautiful is and what is not beautiful? You! You are the one who sets your own beauty standard. Celebrities and models nowadays are always slim and beautiful and flawless and getting a lot of attention and this is exactly what we are surrounded in. Celebrities and models are beautiful, we are ugly, we are too ugly to be a model, we are always too ‘fat’ and only skinny people can be qualified as beautiful but is this really true? If society keeps thinking this way no one will ever feel beautiful anymore. People must start loving themselves and stop body shaming themselvScreen Shot 2016-11-12 at 9.07.53 am.pnges, or someone else. To me, beautiful is something you find on the inside, it doesn’t matter if you look beautiful or ugly, it doesn’t matter if your hair is messy, it doesn’t matter if you have no makeup on your face, it doesn’t matter if you don’t fit in the clothes you were able to a year ago, you are beautiful inside and that’s all that matters, what you look like does not say anything about the type of person you are. A lot of powerful comments were also left under their videos, people saying that they cried, very touching, powerful, people telling them they look beautiful, reflecting on society…

          Body shaming someone else is pointless, it makes you ‘feel happy’, but would you feel great if someone else does the exact same thing but to you? No matter what you do, people will always have negative comments and things to say about you. People judges no matter what, and there’s really nothing youcan do to stop them from commenting about you, but there’s one thing, and it is, to be confident about your own body and don’t let anyone bring you down and always remember that they, do not have the power to so.


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