Dear Instagram,

Body Positivity has come a looooong way, to get to the point where everyone started to notice that body shaming is a huge issue that is bothering a lot of people that is not proud of their own body because of society’s body/beauty standards. Instagram has always been one of my most used apps and it allows me to feel globalised and know what’s happening all around the world. Instagram has a set of community guidelines to keep the platform safe and free of graphic, hateful, or pornographic content. “We don’t allow nudity on Instagram.” If you feel that the guidelines are being violated, you have the ability to report the photo. – runway riot , but recently, people are misusing this function. @mzznaki on instagram is one of a great example of people on the internet body shaming strangers they do not know. She posted this really cute photo of her and her fScreen Shot 2016-11-25 at 11.43.40 am.pngiancé announcing their marriage on Instagram, instead of receiving congratulations, she received lots and lots of hate comments. Comments like “RIP that man’s spine,” and, “undoubtedly the guy is struggling (look at his face),” are all over this photo, and this shows what the disgusting part about the social media is all about. She didn’t do anything to deserve this and she is happy and proud of her own body, so why are people here to spread the negativity around when this is supposed to be a joyful and memorable thing? She, is grateful for what she have and what she is right now and this is exactly what the social media or young women in general need more of.

A ‘Fat Body Positive Warrior’ posted a photo of her body captioning it


‘Women’s bodies can be naked for profit sure, naked for men’s eyes sure, naked & posted by themselves – DISGUSTING. Sexualised by men sure, taunted by society fine, fallen in love with by the soul within – ABSURD. Women who understand my need to control my own sharing & promoting of body image get it.They understand to create change we need to see diversity, diversity in bodies and people.Nakedness is nothing to be ashamed of but we women are told automatically that is our goal in life.

To turn men on Even if we don’t mean it Even if it is not sexual Even if we did not consent

The simple act of empowering ourselves is twisted – because we are always to blame, men always are “just being boys”’

has been body shamed like crazy, and the comments are totally unacceptable. Screen-Shot-2016-09-01-at-12.09.20-PM-768x736.png

Who are they to judge anyone, everyone is born different and it is okay to not be the ‘typical’, there is nothing wrong with loving your own body no matter what. To all the people who body shames someone else, YOUR comment to them might mean a lot, yes there might be tons and countless amount of positive comments, but your ONE negative comment is enough for that person to feel hurt, self conscious and lower their self esteem that they tried to build up maybe for years… Next time before you comment on someone else’s photo, think about how YOU would feel if someone said that to you.


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