Everyone Is Equal

Often people has a lot to say about themselves not being and looking good enough, but in reality, celebrities that in someones’ eye prefect, gets shamed too, and from this, we can actually tell that no one will ever be ‘perfect’ because beauty standard is set by yourself. However, they are somewhat stronger and braver than us, and they would actually take body shaming on step further, shutting shamers down,

Jennifer Lawrence refusing to go on a diet,

Kim Kardashian saying she will never meet ‘our’ skinny standards,

Tyra Banks got fat shamed and responded by saying ‘Kiss My Fat Ass!’

Selena Gomez responding body shaming comments with a bikini picture captioning it “I love being happy with me y’all.”

Last but not least, Demi Lovato gets shamed for being curvy, but she does not care, in fact, she LOVES her body and is all about body positivity, and to be honest, this is what EVERYONE should be doing. Demi loves her body like no one else does, and it is really inspiring to see someone like that and she is definitely a role model, at least to me. I know in reality we will never be able to achieve the ‘body goals’ because it is not even real, you might see thousands of posts of models looking skinny and beautiful, but will you be able to find more than half of the photos that was not photoshopped?

Celebrities are human too, they have feelings, you do not want to be body shamed, then why shame them? They are celebrities, it doesn’t mean they can’t eat, it doesn’t mean they can’t be curvy, they can be anything and still be successful, just like any of us, we don’t need to look like them to be just as successful as them.


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